We design games and immersive experiences for events.
Custom game design for the Events Industry

We are game designers, storytellers, and makers in the business of experience. For over 5 years, Sherlocked has been a leader in the escape room industry. Now, we are bringing the magic of play, the lure of mystery, and the thrill of adventure to the world of events. 

Our games and adventures are built to empower the experience of your event. We are your secret weapon.



Games are powerful tools for changing behavior. Instead of simply telling people how to grow, a game actively engages participants in the goals of an event.


Shake up the standard networking drinks and change the way people meet. By sharing surprising experiences, participants forge unique bonds.


Don't just tell your story, let people experience it. Immersive experiences and games are an excellent way to present the themes and message of an event.

When faced with the daunting task of turning a plenary conference session into an escape room, team Sherlocked locked us up and delivered a most memorable experience. The result? The event became an award winning format that we will certainly be going back for.

Ruud Janssen

Co-Founder, Event Design Collective

Sherlocked’s team enriched our seminar with Simon Sinek with a surprising experience hidden in the foyers. This turned the breaks between talks into adventures: tailored to the theme and very well designed. It was truly challenging and intriguing. It’s perfect for any event organizer wanting to activate people to think and take action.

Hans Janssen

Founder, DenkProducties


Our Work

Simon Sinek:
Purpose Driven 

Denk Producties | 2019

Parallel Dimension

Not everything is as it seems. A hidden, gamified layer gives curious minds the chance at adventure. This style of game is designed for opt-in participation, and gives players the feeling they are on a secret adventure.



Step into a different world. The rules of reality are left behind and participants are transported to a place where they must overcome exciting challenges. This style of game is designed for full group participation and is ideal for telling compelling stories.

Full Immersion

Changing the Game

European Meetings and Events Conference | 2019

The Box Game

Will you be able to escape? Teamwork and puzzle solving skills are put to the test in a high stakes race against the clock. This style of game is designed for full group participation and turns a conference space into a dynamic game arena.

Tech5 Founder's Day

Adyen and The Next Web | 2019

The Investment Game

Put your creativity to the test. Networking is given a competitive twist when participants need to work together to develop compelling product pitches for scrupulous investors. This style of game is designed for full group participation and encourages creativity and teamwork.


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